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More personal things are friends-only, less personal things aren't.

I'm very open to friending new people. Comments are nice, but not required. I'll get the Elljay notification that I've been added regardless, and will probably reciprocate within a couple days.
"On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of the University of California, San Diego – congratulations on your admission to Thurgood Marshall College as a major in Cognitive Science!"


Going to take a break from studying for finals to work on the Statement of Intent to Register now.
The Foothill-De Anza online registration system is mind-boggling.

I use the same login to register for classes at either college. But if I try to actually add a class at Foothill for next quarter, I get the error message "No application. Apply now" despite currently being a student there and thus not supposed to need to apply. If I try to add a class at De Anza, it recognizes me as a student. But despite my Foothill coursework being available on the shared system, the De Anza registration system can't see it and tells me I haven't completed prerequisites and therefore can't register.

Tomorrow, I will get up early, go to registration, and doubtless be told (as I have been in the past) "Well, you can just do this online!" But I can't.

There is also a complete absence of contact information for tech support people. I'm afraid the reason for this is something along the lines of "Well, if we had that publicly available, people would never stop calling!"
UCSD application status: submitted!

Now I just have to wait a few months. I'm pretty sure I'll be accepted, but a bit nervous nonetheless.

Nov. 21st, 2010

I'm planning to write my second personal statement on the UC application about overcoming my family's opposition to me going to college more than two hours from home.

The only school I'm applying to is UC San Diego, which is seven hours beyond the previously permitted range.

I might have considered this possibility when I was in the midst of all that, but I never seriously thought I'd do it.


My mother is currently wandering around the house dressed as a zombie. A zombie in a very well-kept Eastern European costume, but a zombie no less.

In a few minutes, she will leave to go singing.

I unfortunately did not manage to find out about this early enough to make plans that would allow me to go. I told her that I would next year, but then realized that that plan will be foiled by my being several hundred miles south of here by then.
Maybe it's just that Foothill is a community college and not a university, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the front page of their website contains links to nearly everything xkcd lists on the 'things people go to the site looking for' side of the Venn diagram.

MyPortal is still sort of ridiculous (why do I need a Google News feed and weather updates while I'm registering for classes/paying fees?), but their tendency to overload their pages with information actually served them well here.

They still don't have any counseling appointments available for the next two weeks, though, so I'm wandering into the wilds of the College Confidential forums in an attempt to get answers to TAG-related questions. I'm certain I'm eligible; it's just a question of how much I need to list of my future course plans on the form.


Sep. 1st, 2010

A virus took over my Gmail account yesterday.

Sorry, everyone who got spammed! I am not promoting anything available at pillsxcanx.com (And I don't suggest you go there either -- I suspect the site itself may be malicious).
Is it a common policy at colleges/universities to make students on the waitlist for a class re-register once a space opens for them?

I mean before term, not the situation where a waitlisted student shows up to the first day of class and gets an add code from the instructor. It's a new policy at Foothill, and it seems a bit strange to me. It also seems potentially problematic, since students only have twenty-four hours between the email notification that the space is open and getting dropped from the class entirely, and students on vacation could easily go a week or more without internet access.


Aug. 18th, 2010

...That was a very short Official Hiatus.

The keyboard on this new laptop is amazing. And not just in the sense that nothing's missing. Typing is so smooth! :-D

And and and... I can unplug it! And it does not shut off!